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Driving School Leiderdorp

Do you want to get your drivers license? Than you’re at the right place! Driving school Leiderdorp will teach you to be a capable and confident driver. We do this by giving personal and individual guidance. We teach every student individually by giving them a personal driving instructor. This way we guarantee our driving school in Leiderdorp is always up to date to your level of growth. We giving driving lessons in Leiderdorp in modern, luxurious cars, which have the latest safety features. We also offer our expertise to younger students, starting at 16,5 years old. Do you want to get your drivers license as fast as possible? Then go for one of our intensive courses. This way you will get on the road in no time! Interested, but still have some questions? Feel free to contact us. We will help you as well as we can.

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Driving School Leiderdorp
driving school Leiderdorp

Personal driving class Leiderdorp

Our driving school in Leiderdorp believes in a personal way of teaching how to drive. That’s why a driving class in Leiderdorp at our driving school is always taught individually. How we keep track of each and every student? By using our custom made PlanGo App. This app, which is available in the Apple app store and Google play store, let’s us view your progress in real time. It also allows you to keep up to date with your driving class in Leiderdorp. At any time, you can watch video’s regarding your next driving class in Leiderdorp. You are also able to make homework, which will make passing your driving test much easier. Are you interested in taking our driving class in Leiderdorp? Then feel free to apply for a free of charge trial lesson. This way you will get to know your driving instructor and the car you will be taking your driving class in leiderdorp in.

Drivingschool Leiderdorp exams

Are you nervous about your driving exam? Or do you think you are not able to succeed in a standard driving exam? Than drivingschool Leiderdorp has a few possibilities just for you. For example, we offer a custom made performance anxiety exam. This exam is perfect for students who experience anxiety while driving or taking a test. Our coworkers take a specialised class each year to stay up to date on the best ways to tackle performance anxiety. Do you experience ADD or ADHD? Than Drivingschool Leiderdorp is also the right driving school for you! If you are having trouble concentrating while driving our ADD/ADHD exam might be a perfect match. We also offer an Autism exam for students with autism.

driving school Leiderdorp
Driving school Leiderdorp

Driving lessons Leiderdorp

Do you want to get your driving license? Than you’re in for a challenge! The Netherlands is a challenging place to learn how to drive. Luckily for you, our driving lessons in Leiderdorp are tailored to your exact needs. This way we can guarantee you’ll learn all the important skills to become a capable driver. You can take our driving lessons in Leiderdorp, but also in surrounding places like Wassenaar, Voorschoten and Leiden.

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