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Driving school Voorschoten

Are you older than 16.5 years old, and do you want to get your drivers license? Than Driving school Voorschoten is here to help. Our driving school in Voorschoten consists of experiences and capable co-workers who will help you became a safe and confident driver. With their help we will help you on the road in no time! We do this in a personal way. This means every student will be guided by a personal instructor who is always up to date with your growth. This makes our driving school in Voorschoten an excellent choice for aspiring drivers who believe quality and guidance are important. Are you interested in our driving school in Voorschoten, but are you unsure we are the right match for you? Than feel free to apply for our trial lesson, free of charge!

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driving school Voorschoten
driving school Voorschoten

Modern driving class Voorschoten

Are you looking to take a driving class in Voorschoten? Than you’re at the right place. A driving class in Voorschoten at our driving school is always up to modern standards. All our lessons will be given in a modern and luxurious car. These are not only fun to drive, but have the latest safety features. Besides our modern cars like Mercedes’s, we also use a custom made app for our driving class in Voorschoten. This app allows our instructors to easily be up to date about your progress and information. It also allows our students to easily prepare for their driving lesson’s at home. It also has many possibilities to easily practise for your exam. This will help to improve your chances at passing your exam at your first try. To summarize, our driving class in Voorschoten is up to modern standards!

Why Drivingschool Voorschoten

When you want to learn how to drive, you have many drivingschool’s to choose from. We understand it might be difficult to make a decision. That’s why we offer a trial lesson free of charge! We also offer custom exams for students with special needs. For example, we offer a custom made performance anxiety exam. This exam at our drivingschool in Voorschoten is a perfect match for students who experience anxiety during driving or tests. Our instructors take a specialized class each your to stay up to date with performance anxiety trends. Are you diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Than we also have a customized exam tailored to your specific needs. This will improve your chances at passing your exam by a giant leap. We offer the same specialized exam for students who experience autism. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these exams.

driving school Voorschoten
driving school Voorschoten

Driving lessons in Voorschoten

Are you finally ready to get your drivers license? How exciting! Finding the right driving lessons in Voorschoten is extremely important to become a capable driver. Our experienced instructors will do their very best to teach you how to drive safely and confidently. We not only offer  driving lessons in Voorschoten however. You can take driving lessons in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Wassenaar and many more.

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